Welcome to Skieweb Technologies. We supply complete website solutions from hosting to website development for small and medium sized businesses across England and beyond.

Skieweb not only develops website but we also develop a wide variety of software ranging from Android applications to full scale java services.



Why Choose Skieweb Technologies?

We are very happy to spend time discussing your needs before you order your website or java application. This ensures we understand your needs and provide you with the right package from the outset. We can also discuss your hosting requirements, branding and getting your website noticed in the rankings!

Website Development
  • Highest standards of website development.
  • Clean and efficient websites using known frameworks such as Codeigniter
  • Excellent value for money
  • User friendly interface and administrative areas
  • Web 2.0 standards

Java Applications
  • High end java applications and low end system resource usage
  • Compatibility for both PC/Mac/Linux and Android


Randall McFarlane
IrateGamers Minecraft Launcher
I needed a launcher for my minecraft server. I wanted to be able to push updates to people who played on my server without having them to download all the mods and put them in themselves. I contacted James to help me with this issue. He wrote a launcher in java so people now can just use the launcher to play the game. It updates the game automatically and even offered more features for them to use. I know have a way to update my server and send the updates to the clients without having them do anything. The works turned out great and I was very pleased with the outcome. I am having him do a new launcher for me because of the great work he did the first time.

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